We’ve undergone a lot of changes over the past year and we are loving all things NEW! We embraced a new name, new locations and now – new website with a new blog we’re affectionately calling ediblog!

We couldn’t be more excited to share this new, online platform for all things ediblend with you.  We have a renewed energy for our plant-based lifestyle and we’re more motivated than ever to continue to create beneficial blends and superfoods that will help you on your journey to your best health.

AcaiBowl Original2Along with our new look, we’ll be providing delicious plant-based recipes, our favorite picks for everything under the sun from summer cocktails to the perfect way to relieve those painful sunburns. And of course, Dr. Rich will keep us in the know and continue to provide important medical benefits that come from enjoying a plant-based lifestyle.

This time of year, everyone seems to have a renewed energy.  Whether it’s the excitement of school getting out or a summer vacation to look forward to, happiness abounds and we’re inspired to accomplish new things and set new goals!

While you’re busy being awesome, please come visit one of our cafes, enjoy an acai bowl with someone you love and take time to sip up summer slowly.