Our Story

Amy + Piper

founders and sisters, Amy + Piper

ediblend was born out of a dream we had for our own health and for our community’s health: To make plant-based, whole food nutrition undeniably delicious and accessible. Before ediblend was formed, we found it daunting to come up with healthy food choices for our busy families. We traveled the U.S. researching the best drink cafes and discovered, during this journey, our own personal concept of the blend. Unlike typical juice and smoothie cafes, we wanted the ediblend experience to be different. We wanted to utilize the entirefruit and vegetable (not just the juice) without compromising taste. We developed hand-crafted recipes in our own kitchens, tested them on family and friends and expanded those original 6 recipes into a full café menu using only the best superfood ingredients. We believe in the restorative power of plant-based eating and we want our clients to begin a transformation for their mind and body one blend at a time. ediblend is proving that eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult by offering superfood blends, salads and snacks for the on-the-go lifestyle. What began as a humble hope has turned into an amazing privilege to help our clients on their own personal journey to health and wellness. Our mission is to help you believe you can live a healthy lifestyle, empoweryou to make good choices and transform you with superfoods that will nourish from the inside out.


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