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We are changing the way people view cleanses.

We’ve designed our nutrient-dense blends to kick-start, renew and rejuvenate your whole body. Unlike most cleanses where you end up feeling deprived and hungry, we’ve hand-crafted our blends with fresh, plant-based whole foods that will flood your body, detoxify your organs, sustain you throughout your day and restore your best self. Unlike juice cleanses, our blend cleanses utilize entire fruits, vegetables and superfoods, ensuring your body receives maximum health benefits.

How Does the 3 Day Kick-Start Cleanse work?

You will pick up your cleanse at the café location you designated on your order each morning by 7:30 AM (or as close as possible).  On each morning of your kick-start, you will pick up that day’s 6 blends.  The first day comes with an insulated carrying bag and you’ll want to refrigerate your blends to keep them as cold as possible throughout the day. Because this is real food, natural settling may occur so give them a good shake prior to consuming.  You will receive 6 (16 oz.) superfood blends daily.  You’ll need to drink as much water as possible in between blends.  We also include “emergency” almonds for when you need that extra crunch.  Here’s a sample first day schedule:

  • 6:00 AM drink 16 oz water and a cup of green tea
  • 7:30 AM pick up the first day of your 3 day kick-start cleanse
  • 8:00 AM drink your first superfood blend
  • Continue with one superfood blend every two hours
  • Drink as much water as possible in between blends
  • End your day with chamomile tea + a relaxing epsom salt/lavender bath.
  • Plan on getting at least 7 hours of sleep to rejuvenate your body
  • Wake up refreshed and ready to pick up Day 2 on Wednesday by 7:30 AM

You will be flooding your body with more vitamins and nutrients in 1 single day than most people would normally consume in an entire week.  Over the course of the 3 day kick-start cleanse, your blends will contain approximately 15 pounds of fruits and vegetables including: apples, bananas, beets, blueberries, cacao, cayenne pepper, celery, chia seeds, cucumbers, dates, ginger, hemp seeds, kale, lemons, maca, parsley, pineapples, romaine, spinach and strawberries.

How do I prepare for my cleanse?

Before you start your cleanse, you should follow these steps to set yourself up for success 2-3 days prior.  This will also help curb possible side effects.

  1. Drink as much filtered/purified water as you can (drink ½ your body weight in ounces daily).
  2. Increase your fruit + veggie intake so that your body is less likely to have sugar cravings.
  3. Cut back or take away coffee + alcohol.  This can help with any headaches that may occur.
  4. Purchase green tea (herbal green tea if you are not used to caffeine) + chamomile tea + a dry skin brush + epsom salt and lavender. All available at either café location or purchase here .
What can I expect after my kick-start cleanse?
  • A path to healthier eating habits
  • Less sugar and processed food cravings
  • Increased energy levels
  • Clearer skin
  • Mental clarity
  • Possible weight loss

*Results may vary by person. One thing is certain: You will be healthier than when you started and your mind and body will thank you.  There is nothing to be afraid of – it’s simply fruits and vegetables, people!!

What can I do to have the most successful cleanse?
  • Avoid gum or mints.  They promote the release of digestive enzymes that make you hungry.
  • Dry brush your body each morning (or before you shower) to shed dead skin cells.
  • Get a massage to promote your lymphatic system.
  • Pray, find quiet time and stretch (this is a good time to reset your mind as well as your body).
  • Get plenty of rest.
Can I substitute certain blends in the 3-Day cleanse for other blends I prefer?

We discourage customers from substitutions because our kick-start cleanse is formulated in a purposeful, intentional way to allow for maximum benefits.  Unless you have a food allergy, we would love for you to enjoy the blends just as they are, in the specified order.  It’s amazing how our taste buds change and our body begins to crave fruits and vegetables in such a short amount of time.  Most customers that dislike a blend on Day 1, end up loving it by Day 3.

May I pick up my kick-start cleanse before 7:30 AM?

Yes.  If you call the café 24 hours in advance to alert them that you need an early kick-start cleanse pick-up, we can make arrangements to have it ready by 6:30 AM. Be sure to leave your name and number in the event we need to call you back.

What if I get hungry during the kick-start cleanse?

The point of our kick-start cleanse is to flood your body with nutrients, not starve you!  So, if you find yourself feeling hungry after drinking your six blends for the day, feel free to eat any raw fruit or vegetable.

What if I need to cancel my kick-start cleanse?

If you need to change dates or cancel your order, you must notify us by email at hello@ediblend.com at least 96 hours prior to your start date. For example, you must inform us of changes by 8 am Friday before your scheduled Tuesday start date. We will give you a credit to use at any available time in the following 3 -month period. We do not offer refunds or credits for cancellations made less than 96 hours prior to your start date.

Do you add any dairy, sugar or any artificial sweeteners?

We do not add any dairy, yogurts, ice creams, or any other processed junk at all!

Can I do the kick-start cleanse if I am pregnant or breast-feeding?

Remember that our kick-start is simply putting a ton of plant-based food into your system for maximal nutrition.  Please review the list of ingredients and total calories for the kick-start cleanse to decide for yourself if this would be right for you.

Once I complete my kick-start cleanse, what are my next steps?

Congratulations!  You did it!  Just like you prepared for your kick-start cleanse, we recommend you try to stick with a plant-based diet of fruits and vegetables.  We suggest you avoid meat, poultry, refined carbohydrates and processed foods for as long as possible. Dairy should be consumed at a minimum if possible as it has been shown to be inflammatory to your system.  You worked hard to reset your body, so reward yourself by continuing to make mindful choices. We have a full menu loaded with whole-food, plant-based yummy selections that will help you resist falling back into the processed food rut.

What are some resources to help me on this whole food plant-based journey?

We’ve done the research in plant-based eating and want to empower you with the same knowledge. Here are some resources you might find helpful:

Please visit our cafes to see the wide selection of cookbooks we have that are loaded with amazing recipes and ideas!

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