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ediblend weekly specials

We’re always coming up with newblends to feature and keep things fresh.

Check out our special blend of the week available in our cafes!

New Name. New Year. New Locations. New Website!

We’ve undergone a lot of changes over the past year and we are loving all things NEW! We embraced a new name, new locations and now - new website with a new blog we’re affectionately calling ediblog! We couldn’t be more excited to share this new, online platform for...

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ediblend vs. Gatorade

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding nutrition for athletes. As Americans, we have been inundated with multimillion dollar ad campaigns over the years that say, “be like Mike” or ask “Gatorade: is it in you?” Others tell us to “power through with Powerade.” US...

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Sweat. Sample.Shop.

ediblend superfood café launched a new summer series “” on Wednesday, May 17th.  Partnering with barre3, participants enjoyed a thirty minute barre class in front of the café, sampled ediblend’s signature 3 Day Kick-Start Cleanse followed by retail...

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